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Jacksons Equestrian is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of premium quality equestrian buildings, fencing and gates (including automated gates).  The company enjoys a 65+year heritage in the equestrian market and has an unrivalled reputation for quality and exceptional craftsmanship.  All stables, field shelters and fencing / gates have been stringently tested to ensure a robust and safe construction capable of withstanding the heavy wear and tear associated with horses.  Jacksons’ equestrian products are covered by a unique 25-year guarantee, providing long-term peace of mind as well as delivering a cost effective investment.  The company is proud to be supported by a team of Professional Riders whose proven experience enables them to testify to the superior build and outstanding aesthetic appeal associated with the Jacksons equestrian portfolio. / 01233 750 393


ExoGlo - a leading manufacturer of heated products including gilets, jackets, and horse rugs. XO2 have spent many years designing, refining and developing FabRoc® unique heating technology. A small concealed wireless battery pack turns garments into the ultimate insulator against the harshest of weather. The FabRoc® panels create many hours of heat, leaving the rider free from having to wear multiple bulk layers whilst riding, teaching and working. In addition the horse rug's therapeutic benefits help soothe sore muscles, improve circulation, reduce warm up time and help maintain performance.


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Albion saddles have been continually developed over 25 years and are now recognised as one of the worlds leading saddle brands. The design and engineering of the product, sets it apart from all other competitors, and the quality and quantity of professional riders throughout the world proves that the 'science of feel' really brings superior results.

We love talking to our customers….
At Albion, our team of experts are dedicated to help support you with your order both before you buy and after your purchase – 7 days a week.

If you have a question, an after sales query or just want to give us some feedback, please contact our Customer Services Team on +44 (0) 1922 646 210

Our in house team will be able to answer your question quickly and provide you with reliable information.

Alternatively, email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Dear riders, this summer will be a special one to all equestrians. Not only because they can leave cold winter days behind for the next months and enjoy the fresh summer air and sun, but also because the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky will be an incomparable equine highlight. No matter which discipline – thrilling competitions will be guaranteed. The best of the best will once again display fascinating sports at the highest levels. Next to sensitive preparation and training another precondition to good performances still is the high quality demand regarding the horses’ abilities. This summer you can of course also expect top performances from euro-star. When it comes down to manufacturing euro-star is still spearheading in the industry. The best examples are our breeches, for which we make no compromises regarding fabric and production. They are exclusively produced in Europe. And another thing that is very important is the fact that we spend a lot of effort in research, development and testing to provide you with the real euro-star quality. Whether you enjoy a hack or compete at a shoe.





Roeckl Sports Excellent product craftmanship and superior materials are the main focus of Roeckl gloves. When riding, a bond forms between horse and rider: a harmonic unison. To foster this bond, Roeckl manufacture elegant riding gloves through painstaking workmanship and a love for detail, so that they fit like a second skin.


Equine SunSwitch is the UK’s leading designer of solariums, horse dryers and stable heating, supplying yards and horse-owners at home and abroad. This family run business has been in existence for well over a decade and is Trading Standards approved.  

We are proud to sponsor Emile Faurie and his Foundation, which gets right to the heart of helping young people experience the joy and discipline of being around horses.

Everyone at Equine SunSwitch is involved with horses in one way or another, and understands the particular needs of both horse and rider.  To this end, SunSwitch solariums are designed to be wall mounted, making them less scary for horses, and more user-friendly than canopy models. They do not require stocks allowing easy access for the handler, and freedom of movement for the horse.  Powerful and robust, these solariums and stable heaters have controls to adjust the heat and session times, and they are perfectly safe to use in wet areas, like washdown bays. 

Equine SunSwitch advises and specifies for high-end whole-yard projects, as well as owners with just one pony to manage.

NAF With over 25 years experience in Equine Supplement formulation and manufacture NAF is the most respected and well known brand of supplements for horses in the UK today, renowned not only for the products but also for their passion for horses everywhere.

Using proven ingredients found in nature and creating unique effective formulations we pride ourselves on our unparalleled commitment to quality.

NAF believe in using only the best natural ingredients, which are fully traceable and are combined to create unique formulas by their team of veterinarian scientists and nutritionists.

The result is an extensive range of products, which are designed to offer you something for your horse’s every need.


The Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Massage System comprises of eighteen massage motors positioned in line with the main muscle groups along the horses back, shoulder, hindquarters and neck. There is no magnetic field – making the System safe to use on a wide range of horses. The state of the art Massage System was re-worked and re-launched in 2008 with some major improvements including the addition of a detachable neck piece and the extension of the massage units to work the important shoulder and hind quarter areas of the horse.

Easy to use in every way – the System operates using a number of programs, which enable the user to vary the intensity of the massage, this ensures horses are introduced gradually to the Massage System, and offers the opportunity to allow the horse to relax in peace when necessary. Lightweight, the System is distributed evenly across the body to alleviate any pressure points or discomfort. This, combined with the quiet massage motors, ensure the System does not feel alien to the horse – reducing the risk of uneasiness. The breathable, mesh fabric along the spine and crest of neck means that the horse does not overheat when using the product and the elasticated cross-surcingles, together with adjustable rear leg straps ensure the motors are pulled close to the horse to get the maximum benefit. As well as this the chest straps are double expandable to allow each system to be used on as wide a size range as possible, similarly the fillet string is very adjustable.

The Pro Equine System can be supplied with a handy carry bag, and also features a removable fleece lining for easy cleaning.

Emile says :
'My top horse Max - as you all know - can be very tense especially at the big internationals.  I have tried many things including magnetic rugs to help him relax his muscles etc.  I have had the cyclossage system for 2 months and WILL NOT go anywhere without it. I can't tell you the difference it has made to Max.  It is the first thing on the check list to make sure we have it with us at all times. 

Hannah Biggs has had the same results and when Hannah is here training, our horses are very happy standing together in their kit - We have had huge success lately scoring well over 70% at Internationals and I know this equipment has helped Max enormously'.

Falcon Equine Feeds is a family run feed business dedicated to the formulation of a range of top quality feeds suitable for the first pony through to the international competition horse. We are proud sponsors of Emile Faurie and his team of horses.

Falcon Equine Feeds have had a great relationship working alongside Emile for many years now. It has been fantastic to work with such a dedicated rider and team who not only produce such amazing results but have so much involvement with charity work across the country, in particular the Emile Faurie Foundation.
Falcon Equine Feeds works with Emile to provide dietary appraisals for all his horses, we love it when we hear from students of Emile’s, where he has recommended our feeds and we are able to extend our services to customers all over the world.
The main feed that Emile’s horses thrive on is Falcon Equine Feeds Oat and Barley Fee Mix. This contains high levels of essential fibre for correct and natural digestive health as well as high levels of digestible oil for the slow release of energy needed for excellent concentration and performance. Falcon’s Oat and Barley Free Mix contains NO whole cereals, this makes it the perfect complete feed for horses that can become ‘hot headed’ when fed traditional hard feeds but who still require enough energy to undergo the competitive workload asked of them. Oat and Barley Free Mix is fortified with elevated levels of vitamins and minerals essential for the competitive horse as well a probiotic that is at the forefront of scientific research.
It is a joy to work with the team at Heath Farm and see the results our feeds contribute too.



Cushion Track™ is the original premixed waxed surface and has been developed over the past 20 years exclusively for the more persistent and challenging of disciplines. It is now firmly established as an International standard riding surface.

The unique blend of durable synthetic fibres, premixed with a blend of silica sands and coated in a specially formulated wax ensures total consistency throughout the product. The reduced maintenance and increased levels of safety are added benefits to this premium product.

Cushion Track has been installed at many National and International Venues, Equestrian Centres and Colleges. It is acclaimed by many top riders worldwide for its natural feel, consistency and outstanding performance in all conditions.

Equestrian Surfaces are proud to be the preferred supplier of synthetic surface to Emile Faurie and those who ride at Heath Farm.”

Equitop Myoplast

Equitop Myoplast is a unique and natural muscle building supplement.  Packed with 18 key amino acids to support muscle growth, not bulk.  It is great for optimising performance in horses in intensive training and competition, as well as bringing on young, breeding and convalescing animals and for older horses which lose condition easily.


Specialise in the manufacture of lightweight, comfortable and competitively priced rider headwear, placing your safety as their highest priority. They have pioneered some major changes in headwear safety in recent years and are proud to be recognised by the British Standards Institute for consistency and high safety test standards. Their extensive range means there will be a hat which will suit your needs, whether you ride purely for pleasure or are competing at the highest level.

"Made bespoke for me, my Equetech tailcoat is not only beautifully well made but also fits me perfectly. Thanks to Equetech, I now feel comfortable even at the top competitions."Says Emile Create your perfect competition jacket or waistcoat with Equetech's unique tailoring service. For more information go to their website

RB Equestrian

RB Equestrian has been trading since 1989. Based in a 12,000 square foot premises at Great Brickhill in south Milton Keynes, they are one of the biggest saddleries in the UK but also one of the friendliest. A true family business  winning the BETA/SEIB Retailer of the Year award for 2009 and 2010 and again in 2012.

Their stock range is very comprehensive, as is the knowledge of their staff, giving honest advice on the quality products they have to offer. You can visit their store in Great Brickhill, Milton Keynes or shop their extensive range  online.

Emile is part of the team brining you training advice and tips where we be covering Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping and Showing plus much more.
Here is a sneak preview of what to look forward to.