Welcome to Heath Farm, a centre of classical dressage teaching and training excellence. Our first priority here is to create a balanced, professional and friendly environment where horse and rider will flourish together. My dedicated team will greet you and your horse with courtesy and care, ensuring that they understand the specific feed and care regime which you request.

Bringing your horse to train here will be a pleasant and productive experience for horse, rider and owner. I have tailor made training packages to suit all needs and all levels.

Work programs will be designed for your horse by myself to meet and help you achieve your goals whether it is
competition preparation - backing breaking or rehabilitation or simply to improve performance and scores!

Heath Farm`s reputation speaks for itself. Your horse will be treated as my own at all times.

The other important members of the team help keep the horses at their peak at all times and will take care of any horse on my yard.

Top farrier - Ben Benson
Veterinary practice - Bourton Vale
Dentist - Dave Regan

My teaching philosophy has evolved from the classical trainers under which I trained including Conrad Schumacher, Herbert Rehben and Klaus Balkenhol hence my credo of putting the horse's welfare first and ensuring the rider clearly understands my instructions and requirements to obtain optimum harmony between you.

Heath Farm has been developed over the past 15 years into a training facility of which I am extremely proud. The standards my students have achieved give me enormous pride and satisfaction. I have trained a number of exceptional horses to international level, taking some as far as the World Equestrian Games and the Olympics. I am proud to say my successes are a product of the generous support of my owners and sponsors whose continuous encouragement helps me to generate the level of excellence required to compete in the world class division.